About Us - Dog Training

Hiya, my name is Jesse Bell and its awesome to welcome you to my site. Surprisingly I am actually a roofer by trade although I started developing and creating websites some 10 years ago. Something of a significant transformation you may think but I fell into it with ease and nowadays it just is "what I do". Though now and again I create websites just for the fun of it, I do however also try to make a little bit of money from it (to buy hosting etc). In all honesty I find it an interesting challenge, developing strategies and implementing them.

I assume that I am not the only individual to have gotten fed up whenever visiting sites to get repeated pop-up windows trying to peddle me things I don't want and newsletters I won't look at, endless adverts rammed down my throat that has little to do with what I am interested in, and additionally having to sign up or logon to accomplish almost anything on most sites. I reckon that you feel much the same once the resultant spam emails start coming in and its necessary to burn up your valuable time day after day eliminating that crap?

This website isn't dynamic hence stuff does not keep moving around or take a lot of time to load up. You won't be requested to sign up or login and I guarantee you will never get any pointless email messages or newsletters. You'll probably see a little promotion and advertising on my site, but it is not stuffed down your gullet. And you won't get pop-up windows you are unable to close down.

It has continually been my objective to create straightforward, simple websites which are fast to load and hassle free. I am hopeful that I've accomplished this with this site and that you've got some benefit from checking it out, or maybe at least not been irritated by it.

I am not actually a dog trainer myself therefore please don't contact me with questions regarding dog training or trying to book dog training sessions, this website was made to tell you about some of the variety of ways by which you could discover a reputable dog trainer by yourself.

I do not recommend or endorse any individual service, I have merely provided a few methods for identifying one, the choice is in the end yours alone.

Thank you once again for visiting and I expect to welcome you here once again sometime soon.